CIS 115 Scholars Fall 2016

Introduction to Computing Science


Instructor: Russell Feldhausen
Office: 2214 Engineering Hall (DUE)
Email: russfeld AT ksu DOT edu
Phone: Office - (785) 532-7929; Mobile - (785) 292-3121 (Call/Text)
Office Hours: MWF 10:00am - 11:00am in 2214 Engineering Hall (DUE) or by appointment
Instructor: Nathan Bean
Office: 2216 Engineering Hall (DUE)
Email: nhbean AT ksu DOT edu
Phone: Office - (785) 532-7942; Mobile - (785) 294-6649
Office Hours: TBD in 2216 Engineering Hall (DUE) or by appointment

Sections and TAs

SectionTeaching Assistant 1 - 5Teaching Assistant 6 - 10
S: TU 1:00pm - 2:15pmJosh Reed - joshua25 AT ksu DOT eduMaria De La Torre - marifer2097 AT ksu DOT edu

Classroom: 1116 Engineering Hall (DUE)

Information will be posted here as the class progresses. In the meantime, for students currently enrolled in the class, please refer to K-State Canvas for the latest information.

Class Content