K-State CS Open House





Open House Displays

Display Categories and descriptions for Open House 2017.
Please refer to the Steel Ring Open House Rules Book and Steel Ring Open House Judging Sheets for complete information

Display Signup Form - Sign up by March 17th to be eligible for prizes and free posters/t-shirts!
Displays must be registered by March 27th to be included in Open House

Volunteer Registration Form - Volunteer by March 17th to get a Free T-Shirt!

Abstracts and Posters are due to Joy Hauser (jhauser AT ksu DOT edu) by March 17th at 11:59 PM.

Important Deadlines

  • March 17th - CS Displays must be registered on or before this date to be eligible for prizes
    • Late entries may be accepted after this date, but they will not be eligible for prizes
  • March 17th - Displays must submit final materials on or before this date to Joy Hauser at jhauser AT ksu DOT edu
    • Written Abstract
    • Final Poster - CS department will print them for you if submitted by this date. Posters should be 36" by 48" (larger posters are acceptable but the presenter may be asked to pay additional printing fees)
  • March 27th - Displays must be registered by this date to be included in Open House!

Abstract Template

  • Abstract Template: DOCX PDF
    • Abstracts should be 1" margin on each side, with 11pt font
    • Abstracts should list display title, presenter names, and department name at the top
    • Technical Abstracts must include the following sections: Background & Purpose, Results, Conclusion, Recommendations for Future Work
    • Open Class Abstracts must include a discussion about how the project will be licensed and marketed. It should also address how it relates to the patent process. See the template for additional information about this requirement

Poster Template

Thanks to CIS Graphic Designer Spencer Wichman for the quick turnaround on these poster templates!

  • Style Guidelines PLEASE READ!
    • Make sure your poster is clearly readable from several feet away
    • Avoid large amounts of text. Use pictures, graphics, and lists
    • These poster templates are for posters 36" by 48"
    • Please use the PDF or PSD templates and avoid compression if possible
  • Landscape - 3 Column Format: PDF PSD PNG
  • Landscape - 1 Column Format: PDF PSD PNG
  • Sample: PDF

Technical Posters should clearly include these sections to reflect the engineering method

  • Define the Problem
  • Identify the Need for a Solution to the Problem
  • Research
  • Identify Criteria & Constraints
  • Identiy Alternate Solutions
  • Adequate Analysis of Problem
  • Determination of Optimum Solution
  • Specifications of Solution
  • Evaluation of Solution

Creating a Good Display Poster

  • Display posters should be 36" by 48" for most displays. Larger posters are acceptable, but the presenter may be asked to pay addiional printing costs
  • Posters should be clear and easy to read from a distance of 4' to 6'
  • Posters will mostly be displayed on easels near or behind the display table.
  • Include lots of graphics and images in your poster and limit large blocks of text
  • Make sure you proofread your poster (and have other read it as well)
  • Use an engaging title to draw attention to your work
  • Don't forget to list all the display presenters on the poster

Resources for Creating Posters


  • Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category from the CS department. Prize amounts are TBD, but will be worthwhile!
  • Winners will be recognized at a CS awards ceremony after Open House and will receive a prize and a certificate
  • Winners in all display categories except for Student Club display will also be submitted for judging through the College of Engineering. The top 2 displays in the Technical, Innovation and Graduate Student Display category will be submitted for judging
  • The CS department will also choose 1 display for special recognition at the College of Engineering Open House banquet
  • Winners of the College of Engineering awards will be recognized at the Open House banquet on April 4th.