Culinary Adventures

Announcing The Chronicles of my Culinary Adventures Recipe Archive!
Chicken Tikka Masala (recipe: Bon Appétit)

Announcing a new feature on my blog - The Chronicles of my Culinary Adventures Recipe Archive!

I love to cook, but I’m not always the best about keeping records of what I cook or how I modified the recipes. This is my attempt to change that. I hope to start updating the blog more frequently with recipes, photos, and descriptions of my culinary adventures as they happen. My goal is for this to become a “living cookbook” for me and my family to build upon.

You can find the latest updates posted on the main Chronicles of my Culinary Adventures page, or access the fully categorized and tagged Recipe Category Archive, which should serve as a very useful cookbook-style interface.

Oh, and for my friends who use XML readers to keep up with the world (you know who you are ;^), you can find a new XML Feed (link coming soon) to keep you updated.

As a sidenote, I probably should write a post about my adventures working with Jekyll to configure the collections and tagging system to handle all of these new features. I’ll try to get on that soon!

bon appétit!