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CIS 225

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Image Source: XKCD

Windows Troubleshooting

List Source: Lifehacker

VMWare Boot Delay

To change boot options in VMWare:

Safe Mode

Used to troubleshoot problems preventing Windows from starting normally

Boot from Repair CD

Helps fix problems stopping Windows from booting at all

Blue Screen Errors

Usually driver or system file related issues

Windows Error Logs

Stores important information about events on Windows

System File Check

Ensure system files haven't been corrupted

System Restore

Restore core system files from a backup

Analyze Minidump

Task Manager

Also recommend using Process Explorer from Sysinternals

Startup Processes

Recommend using Autoruns from Sysinternals

Reset Passwords

Recommend using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor from Peter Nordahl

Ubuntu Troubleshooting

List Source: Lifehacker

Single-User Mode

Allows you to operate the system as the root user

Recovery CD

System Logs


Startup Processes

Ubuntu Password Reset


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