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CIS 115

Software Engineering

Early Programmers

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1945 - 65: Early Software

1965 - 85: Software Crisis

1985 - 89: No Silver Bullet

1990 - 2000: Rise of the Internet

2000 - Present: Lightweight Methodologies

Software Development Life Cycle

Requirements Elicitation


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Use Cases

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Software Specification

Software Specification

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Software Architecture

Software Design & Construction

UML Diagram

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Software Testing & Debugging

Deployment & Maintenance

Development Models


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Source: Agile Manifesto

Agile (Scrum)

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Blog 4: The Internet's Influence

The internet has been a major force in our lives for several decades now. Write about how the internet has influenced you as a person. Try and think about ways that you would be a different person if you didn’t have the internet. Things you can think about:The internet is a very influential part of our modern culture. Because of this, most of us have been impacted by the internet in some way throughout our lives. For this blog article, write about how the internet has impacted you as an individual, but also how you believe the internet has impacted us as a society in general. (Food for thought: - read about the Filter Bubble or Cyberculture for ideas: and As you are writing, here are some things you can think about:

Topic Research Project