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CIS 115

Human Computer Interaction

Goals of HCI

Goals of HCI - How?

Douglas Engelbart (1925-2013)

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Engelbart's Motivations

First Computer Mouse

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oN-Line System (NLS)

First operating system to include:

The Mother of All Demos

Image Source: Michael Heilemann on Flickr

The Mother of All Demos

December 9, 1968

NLS - Modern Equivalents

Video Clip Archive

Desktop Metaphor (1981)

Xerox Star Workstation (1981)

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Desktop Metaphor (1984)

Macintosh Desktop (1984)

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What makes a
good computer interface?

"Good" HCI

Iterative Design

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Automated Adaptive Instruction

Providing the user with instructions based on previous actions and possible next actions

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Assistive Agents

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Lessons Learned

Led to lots of ideas

Legacy: instead of changing human behavior, change the program to fit their expected behavior

Put things where people
expect them to be

Design Changes Over Time

Windows 10

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The Future - Immersion & Ubiquity

Don Norman (2006 Franklin Medalist)

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Blog 3: Making Meaning: POTS

Now that we’ve finished reading the first textbook, it is time to step back and think about what we read. Write about your reactions to it and what you learned from it. I’d recommend almost treating this like an in-depth book review for others who are interested in reading the book, but don’t mind some spoilers. Some questions I’d like you to answer: