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Welcome to

CIS 115

Instructor: Russell Feldhausen

Email is definitely the best method!

Small Army of Teaching Assistants:

Icebreaker Activity:

  1. Get into groups of 3 - 5
  2. Find at least 5 things you all have in common
  3. Agree on a couple of questions to ask the instructor to learn more about him
  4. Write it all down on a sheet of paper

Syllabus: Read these topics later

Course Structure:


All group work will include a peer evaluation component which can adjust that portion of the individual’s grade up to 50%. If a student should fail to contribute to a group assignment at all, their grade for that assignment will be reduced to a zero. Failure to complete the peer evaluation will result in a 10% grade deduction for that assignment.

Letter Grades:

My philosophy: do your work completely, turn it in on time, and you should have no issues getting a 'B'.

Grades vs. Missed Assignments

Late work: 10% of the possible points will be deducted for each day it is late.
Make arrangements with the instructor if extenuating circumstances arise.

(He really is a nice guy and will help you out if needed!)

Course Textbooks:

Subject to Change
CIS 115 is a very flexible class
Things may change quickly

Image Credit: Vantaj on DeviantArt