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CIS 115

Teams, Projects, and Success

Icebreaker Activity:

  1. Create a resume for your team as if your team were a single person
  2. List relevant items from each team member in every section
  3. Try to show ALL the skills and expertise your team can use

Teamwork Tips

Team Projects:

  1. Topic Research
  2. Wiki Article
  3. Video Project

Choose team lead(s) for each project. Each person must lead or co-lead 1 project.

Topic Research

  1. Understand topic
  2. Research, research, research
  3. Locate resources for wiki article
  4. At least 5 per team member
  5. Present to the class (9-12 min.)

Due: Friday, October 2nd
Presentations: Oct 6, 8, 13

Suggested Resources

Suggested Resources

Sample Bibliography

Use or similar if needed

Wiki Article

  1. Continue research
  2. Write rough draft
  3. At least 1000 words per team mem.
  4. Revise, revise, revise
  5. Submit final version online

Rough Draft Due: October 23rd
Final Version Due: November 6th

Wiki Article Tips

Sample Wikis

Note: Do not assume these are examples of our expectation of good work. They are simply what was submitted in prior semesters.

Video Project
Make a Commercial!

  1. Research topic
  2. Storyboard Ideas
  3. Gather Materials
  4. Edit and finalize video (3-5 min.)

Due: Friday, December 4th


Plagiarism: What it is
and Why it matters

K-State Honor Code Tips

Since Spring 2013:

Online Blogs

Online Blog Software

Submitting your Blog

Blog 1: Personal Biography

Tell us a little about yourself. This is your chance to let us know who you are and what interests you. Some questions you can answer to get you started are below, but feel free to be as creative and expressive as possible introducing yourself.